Website Install Error - "fetch_assoc()"



Error Message:

Hello, I am having a Problem when Installing my Website, I have Tested it before in localhost and EVERYTHING fine, then I Uploaded the Files to the Hosting, Enter ALL the Data to Install my Website, and when I am in the Last Step and I click on Install , I get this Error: Error occurred : Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on bool on line 1267 in /home/vol10_2/

This is a MySQLi Error; The DB query that was executed in your code was not successful and therefore returned false.

Iā€™m assuming your using a CMS, so could we know what CMS?


Is Crea8Social.

Take note nulled scripts are not allowed

Ok so like @KangJL, nulled scripts are not allowed. So did you pay a minimum of $100 for this script?

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