Website indexing & google results


I have added my website into Google search engine, but there are a few issues.

  1. How can I make the website more searchable? I get it searched only when I type its URL in the search bar.

  2. How do I remove ‘InfinityFree’ and no favicon when I search my website and how can I add a custom description?


  1. How can I make Google think that my website is good for mobile? It says that the buttons are small and text is small too, while it is not true.

That’s pretty much normal. Google is going to decide where and when you show your website, and new websites don’t get high rankings. For my personal sites, it took about 5 months before seeing any significant rankings.

As you are using a free subdomain, its not possible. Google decided to put information there related to the main domain name, which is controlled by InfinityFree as its a free subdomain. You will need to buy your own domain name (From NameSilo, NameCheap, etc) in order to adjust that text.

That is totally up to Google. If it things your buttons are too small for mobile, make them bigger. You can use this tool from Google to learn more:


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