Website has used all PHP/Apace processors

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Error Message

This error is coming for more than 2 Hours :-

This site/page has used all avaialble php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.

Refreshing the page once the amount of apache / php processes are reduced will cause the site to work

We would recommend upgrading your hosting account at IFastNet Premium hosting accounts , premium hosting accounts have MUCH higher resources dedicated to them.

Other Information

This persists for more than 2 hours. Please help!
Thank you


This error is still not resolved, 3 days over

Please read the article i’ve linked to?


Did you do anything to resolve the error? Because as far as I can tell, our system is working exactly as intended. Your visitors are hammering the servers and your website is being throttled because of it. It’s up to you to make changes and make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

We can try to help you make that happen. But you can’t just snap your fingers and wait for the issue to be resolved. You are your own web master, which means you’re in charge of maintaining your website.

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Yeah, i think the problem is with that script. i even tried creating new account, tried in different hosting, etc…, problem didnot resolve. So the problem might be in the script i tried to install(by the way, its an educational courses websites script). So i decided to change script. Tq


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