Website has been blocked

hi everyone, i need help, my page cant use and it said my side has been blocked by server or website, it display 403 forbidden, does anyone have solution?

What is the domain?


Did you put valid index files like index.html, index.php, or index.htm?

If not, rename the file you wanted to display to those names.

For further information please see


should i make a .htaccess file? bcus this not happen before

If you wanted to specify new index files then yes, you have to create a .htaccess file, or modifiy the file if it already exists in your htdocs.


No, that’s not the recommended solution. The recommended solution is to upload your website files to the right location with the right name. Meaning: a file named index.php, index.html or index.htm uploaded directly to the htdocs folder.

Only if you insist on having your website setup in a non-standard way should you setup .htaccess rules to customize server behavior.


but my files already upload in the htdocs,

What is inside htdocs?


all is my php and css files

We cannot help you if you do not provide detailed info.
Please provide a screenshot of the htdocs content


What is inside paint portal?
Take note having space in your folder name will mess up your website


my website can run b4 but suddenly get block, is it relate to my account license? or my license expired?

You uploaded your files to a subfolder of htdocs. That’s why it doesn’t work. The best way to fix this is to move all the files out of the paint portal folder and directly in the htdocs folder.

  • Your website isn’t “blocked”, it’s just not working because your website isn’t set up correctly.
  • There is no such thing as an account “license”.
  • Accounts don’t expire. And if it did get deactivated for inactivity, you would know about it, because the effects are much less subtle.

i already move all the files to the htdocs but my website still get block, why?

Can you share the contents of your htdocs folder again?

Alternatively, the article linked above by @Frank419 mentions many common reasons and helps troubleshoot most of them:


i can access to my website although i add a folder inside the htdocs folder

this is my connection to the website link