Website hacked?


redirected to adult site.

The subdomain is just redirecting to the .ml domain for me.

5 Likes was working but not now. is this related to the [IPs and are down post?

Nope. The IP is working fine.


You are on a different IP with a different error. So no, there is no reason to suggest the issue is related.

When I try to open your page with the Network tab in my browser open, I see that actually responds successfully. But it redirects to, and that domain is down.

Please update your website with us so it doesn’t redirect to the .ml domain anymore, or fix the .ml domain.

If you want to fix the .ml domain, you’ll have to do that at Freenom. The domain name does not appear to be active or working on their end.


For me, it is redirecting to an adult site but then sometimes going to the .ml domain.

Freenom is down too, the issue is from DNS provider, I got the same issue

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