Website goes down several times a day

My site works just fine for several hours, but after that it goes offline for some reason and I need to wait for several hours. My site is

Hello there,

Your site seems to be back now

What did you see exactly to say that your site is down?

It doesn’t say anything, it just won’t load up normally, I have to try couple times to make it work. I even used Cloudflare to speed it up, but it doesn’t work.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Also is your site back to normal again on your end?

That’s not what we asked. What do you SEE? A blank page? An error? Something else?

Maybe it doesn’t say anything to you, but maybe we can make sense of it? You’ve asked us to help you, because you don’t know what the issue is, haven’t you?

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As I said, it tries to load for 1 - 2 minutes and then it times out.

Then 2nd time I try to load it, it loads normaly. After that website works fine for several hours and than problem shows up again.

It could be your ISP’s issue as well.

Try to open page now, the problem is showing again…

This seems like a local issue, only affecting you.

The first time a website loads, then our servers caches also still need to be warmed up, which means the first page view tends to take a bit longer. Subsequent requests should be faster.

This is also quite common for premium hosting, although both the initial site request and subsequent page loads would be faster in most cases.

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