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I am running into a similar issue. I just created my site a few days ago on 1/15, and it is a static 1-pager. Today, I received a notice that my site was suspended, and when I investigated further, the reason was because I hit the CPU limit. Upon checking my domain, it got redirected to and my AVG warning popped up:

Would love any insight. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum @sophia! is the page your website will redirect you to whenever it is suspended. For some reason, some anti-viral software (Like AVG) incorrectly identifies the website as a threat. is not a threat, and your computer is not in any danger. The redirection to that page just means you are suspended, it will switch back to your website after the 24 hours suspension period ends.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks, @Greenreader9! I am wondering if you can provide any additional insight on the spike in Daily Hits. My site just says “Coming soon…” with no links or images. Is Daily Hits the number of visitors to the site?

Maybe read theses articles.


Close. Its the number of resources requested from your site. So if your coming soon page is an HTML file that needs an external CSS files, one visitor would count as 2 hits. If that visitor reloads the page, now that’s 4 hits.

Bots and spiders also increase the hits limit.

I recommend reading the articles that @wackyblackie shared to learn more.


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