Website files not accesible

Username (epiz_33213346)

Website URL: https://betasio .ml

Error Message

my website is working fine but some pages are not loading i have the pages in my domain but it is not loading, while accessing that files url it will redirect to this page

Can you specify what URL that is exactly?



yeah ok its actually php files

https://betasio .ml/create-blog/
https://betasio .ml/events/create-event/

and some parts of the website is still having this issue this issue started since i added my website to couldflare and i removed cloudflare after that this issue started

Make sure that all the files are uploaded correctly over FTP. Also, make sure the names are correct, as our servers are cAsE SensiTivE.


yeah all is correct

the issue startered after i stoped using cloudflare then my website works fine but when i removed my couldflare nameserver and readded infinityfree nameservers my website started to show this errors

Likely due to this

I have checked your site and there is no folder called create-blog or events in your htdocs folder. But a general look at the code gives me the idea that you are using a CMS that’s using pretty URLs. To make that work, you should have a file called .htaccess that tells the server how to route the pretty URLs, but you don’t have that either.

I think the .htaccess file is missing from your account.

Looking a bit more closely, your website seems to be powered by Wowonder, which is software that costs $165 per year for updates. Your site seems to be running a quite old version, which might be fine. But it’s suspicious that the software is much older than your website.

Please note that using pirated software on our hosting is not allowed, and is grounds for termination of our service. If you don’t want to pay for your website, there are plenty of free options to choose from. Yes, they may not be as powerful, but if you want the best selection, you may need to pay for it.

And if you are going to pay $165 per year for software, I strongly recommend to also pay some money for a premium hosting account, because it’s a waste of money to buy expensive software but then don’t spend enough on hosting to actually make it work to the fullest.


Hello thanks for the help the issue is solved you are right I renamed my .htaccess file to into a text file and now I changed it back to the original file now it worked thanks.

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