Website files missing on vol2_8

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Website for



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Error Message

The error message displayed is “403 Access Denied.” This issue has rendered my website inaccessible, and upon further inspection, it appears related to server-side complications.

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Other Information

I have reviewed my account through the file manager and observed that my website’s files seem to have been deleted or are missing. The file modification timestamp indicates changes were made at 10:21 AM today. Importantly, I have not initiated these changes, suggesting the problem stems from the server.

I would appreciate any insights or assistance in resolving this issue, as it appears to be beyond my control and requires attention from the hosting provider’s side.

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This means your volume, vol2_8, is probably also affected by the current outage except not mentioned:

There’s really not anything you can do about this, and you must wait for the outage to be solved.

Take note that the DB shouldn’t be affected and it should still be there.


My website also throws “403 access denied” error. It is also hosted on vol2_8. In my file manager only directories are showing without any files inside them.
Kindly let me know when this issue will be resolved.
I have backup of all files on my local PC, should I reupload all files or wait ?
What will happen if I reupload and server storage resumes ? Will it create new issues ?

Good to hear you have a backup! You should wait until we’re sure the issue is resolved.


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