Website Feedback

Is this Informal category in the forums fine to request feedback on our website? I am not looking at a support request but general user feedback.


Hi and WB

Generally yes,
the only problem is that it is difficult to distinguish between asking what users think about website and intentional spam in the sense of posting a link just to attract as many users as possible.

So please try to specify which exact parts of the page you want user feedback on if the website has several pages, mobile or desktop, etc.


You are absolutely right. A link on a forum normally could be (and need to be) received with always a pinch of suspicion these days.

I just thought may be the forum administrators can restrict links that are hosted through InfinityFree servers only. That way since InfinityFree has a ToS enforcement spam links can be controlled. #MyTwoCents


feel free to post a request for feedback
just as I mentioned… be detailed in what you want as feedback

and you can enclose the address (URL) with CODE formatting
or separate like exa mple . com
and at the same time help yourself that Google doesn’t index it because it’s on the forum non-stop


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