Website Down


I’m aware that there have been DDoS attacked lately and was wondering if the website i host is down because of it as it had been down for about two weeks and was having trouble a few weeks before. If you are able to tell me if the site is down because of this problem that would be wonderful.


Alan Tiller.

Maybe, it’s hard to tell without knowing which site you’re referring to. However, the attacks have started a few days ago, not a few weeks.

The site in question is and the account login name is fceu_18395966. I’m certain its been down for a few days but a week or two ago it was slow and was having trouble loading!

I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of an issue with your website code, not the account. I just created a very simple PHP script but that’s work fine:

Somehow, your script is taking so long to execute the connection times out. You’ll need to debug it yourself to find out why that happens.

It’s ok the webite just came back on all by its self!