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My website has been down for awhile now. Not sure why. It states 0/3 active but only shows two accounts deleted. I need koolbearranck back up. It has a lot a data I need.



It looks like you just registered the domain today.

And when I run a check for your nameservers, I see this:

Therefore, I come to the conclusion that you have never used this domain on InfinityFree before.

Please follow this guide to add your new domain name to your InfinityFree account:


I renewed my domain today. Koolbearranch is on your website under my accounts.


Well, you need to set the nameservers to and

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I did that several hours ago.

Then wait for dns propagation. Your website should work in 24-48h if you changed your nameservers to InfinityFree’s


As you can see in the Accounts list, the account epiz_24695811 was already deleted months ago after inactivity.

Just like your domain name will expire if you don’t renew it, your hosting account will also be removed if you forget it and leave it unused.


I’m now confused. First you said I didn’t use this domain name on infinity, which I did, then you told me to set my nameservers, which I did. Under my account it shows 0/3 active. Where are the 3 accounts?


If you don’t access an account, the system deletes it. You are sent notification prompting you to take action before this happens however.


the only 1 account was deleted months ago. You did not renew your domain either. So all was deleted. Now you need to create another hosting account and work fresh (if not backup).

Okay. Where do I find the nameservers?

Thank you. I did this yesterday and I’m still waiting for the change.

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