Website down

Username: epiz_29197969

Dear community forum,

I was tring to see my website but is down. Someone else got the same problem?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m not native

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Can you please share your server IP from the client area?

Sure, it is:
Thanks for the fast answers


i have the same issue

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@Emanuels, that IP is up, so can you provide your domain name?

@israelrmm, please provide both your account IP and your domain name.



Please provide your domain name @israelrmm

Sure, my domain is

Your website is connecting, however your code must be so large since the page is in a never-ending load cycle.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this means. However, I’ve never changed the code since October but the website used to work since yesterday. I checked on and I found out that the website is down for everyone and by googling it the message “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” is displayed.
I’m sorry to bother you, but are there any solution to this problem (maybe waiting or changing something idk)?

I’ve just tried to access my cpanel and I discovered that I can’t access it either

What error do you get there?

The same error of the website: " ’s server IP address could not be found


Hm. Try clearing your cache, or using a different device or network.

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Hello, guys I am having the same prob, my website is down and I cant access control panel.
I checked on ICANN i got this [clientTransferProhibited] please help…
my web was on yesterday,

My website is down as well. Getting name not resolved which is pointing at a DNS issue.


It was working fine earlier today and the page is not resolving now.

Yes, the system seams to be down. Please have patience.

I have the same issue too
Username: epiz_30504564
Website IP:

Me too Sir

My Username is : epiz_29405562
and my website IP is:

Thank you

Same problem here too.

Username is: epiz_27425663
Website IP is:


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