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I had just finished my website and was making it live through the mySQL database when all of a sudden, the entire front end of my site has disappeared. The background still works, and my files seem to be intact for now but I am worried I am going to lose everything.

Please advise. My website is



Is this the site you were looking for?

If so, that means you did not install WordPress to the right folder. To fix this, you can either follow this guide to move the website, or simply reinstall it through Softaculous.

But be sure to check, read, understand and check again every field in the installation form (especially the Directory field) before you hit the Install button next time, as some of the options you choose can be quite hard to change later on.

Hi - yes it is. I already installed WordPress and was done the site, I was just trying to make it live. I tried to reinstall Softaculous and it just made a new website devoid of all my work. Please advise.

Did you try following the guide I linked to before?

I have tried but I do not understand how to moving WordPress core files to a new directory. It just keeps making a new database and a new website.

you want to move WordPress to your root directory ( )
NOT in new dir (wpblog or similar) what you’ve done

Thank you for clarifying. How do I do this? My knowledge is not that robust.

How are you moving the website that it’s install a new site? You can’t move the website with Softaculous, you need to move it by editing the website URL and moving the files.

It’s technically a bit more challenging, which is why it’s sometimes preferable to reinstall the site (which Softaculous can do), especially if you haven’t put a lot of work into the site yet.


The issue is the site is done so I am trying to restore it with all the work I did, not create a new one and start over.



My site has been down for almost a week and I have not received any viable solutions for it to be fixed. Please advise.

Before I had the back end of my site working but now everything is literally wiped from the website. All of my work and content is gone. This is insane and I have not received any useful help.

Can you please explain/point out where the site was before, and what steps you took to migrate it? I understand so far that some parts of the website were lost in the migration, but without knowing how you migrated it, I can’t make any reasonable guess how or why they were lost.

I’m still a bit confused about what content was where and what is supposed to be where right now.

The content was completely finished before using Infinity Free as a host on Wordpress. I used the Duplicator plugin to try to migrate with Infinity Free’s database.

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