Website domain

this is my website but its showing something else how come

What is it showing and what should it be showing? Please be more specific :slight_smile:

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It’s like a index page of thelifechat like a log in for a social media I made the account at 8:45pm or before not sure could it be probably fixed tomorrow by it’s self. I don’t really know

Seems to be working for me. I see the login and everything (btw, I didn’t make an account because you NEED TO HAVE A SECURE HTTPS VERSION OF THIS WEBSITE IN ORDER FOR PEOPLE TO SAFELY SHARE LOGIN CREDENTIALS (all in caps because it’s important)).

So you have a valid license for Sngine??

Stop using Pirated Stuff and remove it soon before it gets suspended


I have a license for sngine I bought it yesterday for 70€

I can show if you want from codecanyon

You should consider using paid hosting for that, this is a premium app, No free hosting can handle it, you’ll face to reaching limits too fast if you host it on free hosting.

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hmm but it will only hold 200 people i need this for my school because and my schoo has like 200 people in it

200 people itself is too much, Purpose of free hosting is hosting test sites and simple websites, not something that can handle 200people, if you still keep that here:

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i am gonna set up and test then i am going to get the paid hosting in like a week i have to do some code but i am gonna buy the paid hosting

the domain is not working for me
i get this picture


I believe ur website could be suspended for hitting limits?

it did not hit any limit

i have not told people the domain yet

it will…

but i will get the paid hosting

is that ok

it shows the same thing this one