Website doesnt work


it says there is a typo in the website when i try to open it

I bought the website a while ago but i started uploading the files and for some reason the website doesnt work. can someone tell me whats going on.
The website did get deactivated but i reactivated it, so how long will it take for the website to work again

It appears that that domain does not exist. Can you screenshot the page that shows you own it?



No, not InfinityFree, take a screenshot from your domain registrar (The company you bought the domain name from).

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I bought it from you guys

The only domains you can register from InfinityFree are free subdomains, so you definitely did not buy it from us.

Check your email and look for messages that domain that domain name.


someone bought it for me :sob:
it was a gift and i didnt know how to code back then, they arent online atm

I’m confused…

Either way, the domain does not exist, and is for sale.

If you want to use this domain name, you are going to have to buy it:


but i used to own it :sob::sob::sob:

Domain names expire after a set amount of time, so if you don’t renew it, you don’t get to keep it.


If you are a new customer, you can buy it for $1.99 for the first year on GoDaddy.

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