Website does not update after uploading different index.html file

Hello i just started my website and i put up a simple index.html website which worked fine . But i uploaded another index.html file (of course i deleted the old one) and when i go onto my domain it does not change from the old one to the new one . Can anyone help me how i could make my website update to the new index.html?

Start by providing url


Please write clearly, what is the website address? Are you sure the file is in htdocs folder? No info = :egg:.

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Hello , the problem with providing the url to it is that it’s more of a private website and i would not want to share it with just anyone on the internet . hope you understand

Hello , yes my new index.html file is in the htdocs folder

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What you are describing sounds like browser cache. Try clearing that.


Hi , oh well thank you a lot , you were right i didn’t expect the problem to be this simple

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