Website does not load

Website URL and all of its subdomains

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Cannot find server

Other Information

Is there maybe changes with the nameservers? My Domain is pointing to and

Our hosting is working perfectly fine. Your domain name on the other hand, isn’t.

If you use our Domain Checker tool, you’ll see that no nameservers are active on your domain right now.

The problem is that the government of Gabon took control over the .ga domain extension and deleted all the free domains. Your domain is affected as well.

Here is the update we shared about it:


Oh, that’s bad, but thanks

Well this is the end of, I put much effort in it, and now its gone forever

Well,though .ga domains no longer works,this isn’t the doomsday for your site.All your files,databases are still alive on infinityfree’s server,and in order to restart your site,you can just get another domain or use the free subdomains.
Migration should be easy if you stay in the same hosting account since you won’t need to worry about the DBs.Just cut & paste files to the new destination.(Making a full backup is still recommended before this procedure.)


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