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i made a website when ever i open it locally from drive it opens correctly as i wanted but as soon as i upload to the infinity free then if i check my website by searching url some things are in not on that place on which i put they seems changed positions . is that happening because i imidiately check website after uploading or there is some other issue i have ???

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What is the difference? Show some pictures to tell us what is different.


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this is local stored as u can see in url

same browser same type of files same code but difference in apperence why and how ???
can u help me to fix it???

I tested it with Chrome, Edge and Firefox

Only Firefox (online) seems to display that picture “box” different
(It shows it larger and much more to the right - instead of making some partial center fit)

It is best to start correcting all CSS and HTML errors

CSS - copy the source from css and paste it here The W3C CSS Validation Service

HTML - c/p here Ready to check - Nu Html Checker

Your website still needs a lot of adjustments because the pictures are too big when clicked

thumbnails img - they need to be 2x clicked to show larger version - which is not standard behavior and it’s annoying (should be made to use one click)

the same is true for “close” (X button)


thanks for the validator as i am a student and i am learning for webdevelopment i does not know much about css javascript and html
as u mention that u have tested i also tested on edge these pictures i send i captured from edge

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it is best for you to look for a free template online,
just search for “free responsive html template photography”

and then you learn by using and modifying that modern template
otherwise you will spend a lot of time and nerves building your own, which is already starting on the wrong foundation.

website arranged as your current one is difficult to maintain; because you have to write some images info in JS file, then write the rest of the images information in HTML, etc…

that box and its left side (for img info) occupies a large part of the space…

you do not need download button
because every user knows that with right click on the desired image and select save img as
he can download the image.

btw. I found one template that looks a lot like yours
so try using it : hover your mouse over the pictures (info)

click the images, close it, etc…imgs menu - divide by topics

If you give yourself a little effort it won’t be difficult to look at the source
and get the code for that gallery+slider+effects


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