Website Display Error: Only Header and Footer Visible, Body Content Blank

In the console, the error “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)” is appearing. When the website is opened, only the header and footer parts are showing up. The body content parts are blank; only the background section of the body is visible. JavaScript is also configured, but it’s not working.

Hi Anurag Dhakal,

Saw the link you have in another topic:

Website is showing properly and no errors in console.



It’s not showing on my device. What could be the problem?

Hi Anurag_1,

Try clearing cache and reloading the page, if that still appears in the F12 console, screenshot that error so we can check.



Block third-party cookies When on, sites can’t use cookies that track you across the web. Features on some sites may break. "
when i disable this the site is showing without any error but when it is enable it doesn’t appear.

These are the error messages in the console!

and when i visit my website from " Frontend Web Developer | Anurag Dhakal " this url it appears without any errors but when i visit from" " this it does not appear as mentioned in above picture

I just checked your site again and it seems that there is no SSL certificate for it anymore. I don’t know why it worked before.

The existing SSL certificate you have is still valid and can be used. Can you please go to the Free SSL Certificates area in the client area and reinstall the certificate?

Again, don’t create a new SSL certificate. Just go to the current one and click the big Install Automatically button.


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