Website deleted


Why is this happening to me? This is I think the 20th time I am facing this problem.
All website data was removed automatically from the file manager, and all databases, domains and subdomains were removed automatically from cpanel.
For the last 30 days, the issue started. My website showed 500 server error almost a month ago. Then my website was deleted by itself and domains were removed and the database was deleted. After that day, every 2nd or 3rd day, I am still facing this issue. I have to upload my website and database every 2 to 3 days because it shows errors or files deletes by themselves.

We don’t delete your files just like that. And we definitely don’t delete anything automatically.

So I cannot tell you what’s happening to your site, why this is happening or who is doing this.

How is this possible? The account was created four days ago. So how can your content have been deleted 20 times when you say the issue started 30 days ago?


In my old account, the permission of a folder “compose” in my file Manager was changed to 000 by itself and I was not able to change permission. Therefore I created this account 4 days ago.

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