Website CSS doesn't work without "www."

Website CSS not working if not putting “www.” at the beginning and have this error:

Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: “


At the beginning of what exactly? It would help a lot if you could share which website you’re talking about.


Looking at the error message. Only the solution I’ve is that uninstall then reinstall your browser. It looms that’s caching your site too deepy. ← css not working ← css not working

if with “www.”
> ← working
> ← working

Have you tried to visit your site with another browser?

Yes IE Edge still the css won’t load

You need to purge Cloudflare’s and your browser’s cache in order for the changes you applied to the CSS files to be seen.


How do I purge cloudflare’s cache?

To purge everything from Cloudflare, here is a part of article to do that.


Wow it did do the trick. Thank you so much

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