Website categorized as phishing attack

Hello wonderful community.
I’m having a bit of problem. My website is categorized as phishing site by Google all of sudden. I do not know why. No changes were made. The site is completely secure, doesn’t collect any kind of sensitive data.
Now I know I can submit review report but the question is, why is it categorized as phishing?

You can clearly see the unpleasant reddish screen.
Thank you.

According to google, your site “Try['s] to trick visitors into sharing personal info or downloading software” as of November 15, 2022.

Please use the Google Search Console, or this forum to report this to Google for them to check.

There is nothing we can do from our end.


I know it says that. But that’s the problem, you can visit the whole website, not even a single email is collected. Why did it randomly got blacklisted? This is very depressing. I have submitted false phishing report from two of my devices. Can you give an idea how long it can take? It is a quality website, a hub for knowledge, it is sad to get blacklisted for no reason.

I don’t know the content of your site or anything else, so there is no way for me to tell you if google suspended it in error or not.

And it does not really matter, since weather or not I think it should be suspended won’t actually change anything.

If you submitted a report, it can take anywhere from a day, to a few months before google does anything.

I recommend that you use the Google Webmaster/Search console to see if there is anything else you can learn about this.


Thank you. Just one thing, what did you mean by your second paragraph?

I’ve just checked and I didn’t get any warning right now, so it may have reviewed and corrected.


Thank you for your brilliant support everyone. That’s the part I really like about infinityfree.
As I was recommended, I went to Google Search Console. It didn’t expose me to any new information. So I had to figure out myself. There was nothing wrong but I assume that I had only one app download in .apk format (the app itself is completely safe). So I deleted the app and submitted report from console and to my surprise within 10 minutes the site was fixed!
Voila! Cheers! Thanks again.
In short: If you do not collect any private information make sure you do not make the user download anything. This will fix the issue.


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