Website cannot be found

Hi, my website can't be found: I checked the nameservers and they were set to my domain.
Please advise.
Thank you!

Have you added the domain to your account with vPanel?

I checked your domain name, but it doesn’t seem to have any nameservers at all. Please check with your domain registrar (Freenom?) whether the domain is still active.

Hi MrJunior. How do I check that? Thank you for your reply!

Thank you Admin. I will check with them.

I registered a new domain from Freenom and put in the two nameservers and on Freenoms registration page and asked to forward the domain to Infinity. When
I log on to Infinity I can’t find my website/account. Has my website been deleted? Where do I
find all the content I added to the website I made?

Thank you.

If the only domain on your account was inactive, and you left the account alone for three months, then it has likely been deleted for inactivity.

If that’s the case, I’m sorry to say the contents of your account have been deleted from our servers, meaning we don’t have it anymore.

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