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Website saving old cache?

Hello, after multiple hours my new images are not uploading but when uploading to another host website, they are active straight anyway is there anyway i can manually clean my website cache meaning my photos will update?

You can clear your browser’s cache. Follow this guide:


It’s not just my side its everyone’s. The server is not updating the files/ when uploading with a different host works fine

That’s what cache does. Did you even try the suggestion that I posted?

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Once again its not a issue for just myself its hundreds of others.
Its a host issue

I don’t have this issue myself. I’m not sure why this is happening.

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Can you prove that?

Please share the following so I can check this for you:

  1. Your URL
  2. A sccreenshot of what you see
  3. A screenshot of what you are supposed to see (You can get this by opening your HTML file in the browser, if it is an HTML file)

We don’t cache anything on the server. We can’t clear the server cache because there is no server cache.

Website data is only cached elsewhere. Browsers almost always cache stuff, and if you use something like Cloudflare, they cache stuff too.

If it’s not cache, then it’s usually something like people accidentally editing the wrong file (sometimes on a wrong server), or are using the wrong URL to try and access the files. Or just making edits which are are live in the code but don’t result in the desired visual change.

If none of this helps you, please describe the issue in detail so we can help you by answering the questions Greenreader9 asked.


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