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Hello everyone, I have a question: I am not a programmer and I just created a site on infinityfree but there is a problem: I need a platform that allows you to create a page (later to be uploaded to infinityfree) but that is free and potentially open source. Do you know a platform?

Can use WordPress? There’s no having to download/upload files with it. You can install IE with Softaculous available through cPanel.

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Hi, i think WordPress is not good do you know another?


You can also use the free sitebuilder in the client area!

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You may also be able to use Adobe Dreamweaver or something of the like.

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Ok, is Adobe Dreamweaver nocode?

What are you looking for exactly regarding this platform? Are you looking for a website builder? A CMS? A hosting platform?

You may also want to take a look at the Softaculous Installer in the control panel. It has hundreds of different scripts you can use to build your site.

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No, it is an IDE. Mobirise is an alternative if you do not want to use InfinityFree’s sitebuilder.

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