Website Breaks After Uploaded

I started building a website today, using Mobirise. The design is ready and the home page is almost done. When I publish to my local drive and do a preview, it is all working fine, however, when I publish to the InfinityFree space, the website gets messed up.

Here’s what I see on the local file vs. the uploaded version: (They are on the same gif because I am only allowed to upload one image per post)

Anyone had this problem before? Any idea relating to a fix is appreciated.

Some of your website assets aren’t present. Please make sure you upload them too, otherwise your site will break.


Thanks for the reply. The issue was with the uploading. Dragging and dropping folders to upload them only uploads the first directory of the folder that is being uploaded. Therefore, as you said, some files get missing. This can be prevented by using the upload folder option, but still, it is a bug.

Update: The issue still persists after uploading all the files. Only some images that couldn’t load previously now do.

For me all the parts of your website (except a font) load fine. If you still experience this problem please clear your browser cache.


This is weird, loading the website in secret mode works too. I guess it is just broken for me. I’ll just try resetting cookies and stuff then.

It’s not just you, also notice it does the same with mine and I’m not sure why

Clearing your browser cache seems to fix it. It only breaks for people who have visited the website a short while ago if they visit again after an update.


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