Website blocked due to riskware

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Error Message - Website blocked due to riskware

Website Blocked:

v2.6.17 | Riskware: 2.0.202401022048

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity.

Other Information

This website has been working fine for three years, but recently, if I try to open it, it is blocked by Malwarebytes (see screenshot).
Please advise how I can solve this problem?

This isn’t something InfinityFree controls or can help you with. You’ll want to send a false positive report to Malwarebytes indicating that your site is actually safe. You can do so on their forums, here. You can also refer to the official guide on the matter, at this link.



Please submit a support ticket to Malwarebytes. They’ll know what to do. This is not a matter of InfinityFree.

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