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Hi, I wanted to know how I would go about hosting my website on and having the same domain for my minecraft server, I know there is a way with my domain registrar by using srv records and a records but I need my webserver IP address so I can point my A record to it and use an SRV record to point to the minecraft server.

How can I get my IP address for my infinityfree website?

You can read this KB: Docs - InfinityFree Forum

Thanks, I’ll read into it now.

I’ve got my IP for my server, how would I make this point to an addon domain from an A record?

This won’t work because I need an IP for the exact website for my addon domain.

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

No error but I am looking to point an A record to my website so I can use the one domain with the website and a minecraft server but I can’t get an IP that directs to my addon domain.

Other Information


What I am trying to do ?

I am trying to make an A record that directs traffic from browser to my addon domain and an IP on minecraft ( using SRV record to let me join the minecraft server so I will have both on the one domain.

You should follow this article to get your IP


It is same with how you add your SRV record, right ???

I’ve got my ip and done the A record name “@” target set to my web server ip address and set the srv record but only the minecraft ip (SRV Record) is working…

I’ve followed this article but when I load the website on a browser now I get
" ’s server IP address could not be found. "

May I know how you added your addon domain?

Has your domain been listed on addon domain menu from your hosting account?

Yep, my error is as;

(Sorry I am trialing making my own proxy!)

But as Adisp007 said above ^, in order for the system to recognise, you need to add your IPv4 address, however ,my proxy doesn’t seem to recognise the domain - but that’s probably a cache issue on my side.


Please add a DNS record to Cloudflare for the WWW subdomain with the target @. This will make it point to the same destination as the non-www version of your domain, which should be your hosting account.


I still can’t get it to work, I have a domain setup with an SRV record pointing to a minecraft server but I also want to make it point to my infinityfree website too, how would I do so?

By doing exactly what I described in my previous post?

I tried that it doesnt work…

Please add a DNS record with in the first field www and in the second field @. Not the other way around.

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