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Username is: epiz_32546470, website URL is

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The account was deleted today. I don’t know the reason. It was suspended once, but I upgraded to the premium account, and the suspension was fixed. Today my account got deleted with no notification. I would like an explanation of this.

Thank you.

When you upgrade, your free hosting account no longer matters, and it’s was probably deleted as it was no longer in use - your site has been moved to premium.


Thank you for the reply. However, I was not told to do this when upgrading the website. I thought all I need was to purchase the premium account. Since my account is already deleted, does the procedure you gave work?

If the account is in the deleted section of the client area, its probably not recoverable. It’s worth checking your iFastNet account to see if anything is there though.


I just went to the iFastNet, and only a little bit of the original documents are there. What would be the next step in this case? Does that mean all my files and my domain are gone?

The website on iFastNet becomes instead of I’m completely lost now.

I would contact premium support at and see if they can help. Unfortunately, nobody here will really be able to.


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