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Website Access Prohibited
Phishing Website Warning

The website you are trying to access is known to perform phishing attacks and poses a security risk to your computer and network. Please contact IT Help desk to review if you are impacted, In the mean time do not attempt to access this website.

Other Information

I cannot log in to my the site at all to check for errors.

What happened to the site? How can we resolve this issue?

Your domain redirects to freenom links, what are your nameservers? Or maybe your freenom domain got RIP


Your nameservers are incorrect, but this may be due to Freenom redirecting your domain. In any case, you have to work this issue out with Freenom, there is nothing we can do.

Thank you for letting me know. I will get with them asap!

Apparently the domain expired and they did not give an option to renew, so I will need to purchase the domain name.

I’m sorry I have a question. Would I be able to have have ‘any’ domain name point to my site and have it load back up?

Or would I need the ‘Exact’ domain I had previously?

You can use any domain, you will just have to transfer the files to the new folder that will be created.


I just registered the same domain name and changed the nameservers back to and

Would this fix the issue or would I need to do something else?

Nevermind. All good. It’s now back up.

Thank you for all your help!


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