Webpages don't display on the web

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

epiz_27993767 (espagnolpratique.rf.gd)

Error Message 404

All the files are uploaded (I can check that in the File manager and in the ftp client) BUT ON THE WEB I RECEIVE AN 404 ERROR MESSAGE, and the files do not display
(This occur only with your server : In other all displays correctly)

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Can you please tell us which files do you have this issue with?


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I had this problem too. You have to clear your web data (not just cache).

Your web browser will then show the files correctly.

If not, then try re-uploading the files.

Also check if you set up any redirects, as you could be directing the web page to a 404 (stranger things have happened).

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I had that too I just waited 12 hours and it’s good.

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Yes, it seems that this occured… the day after, it seems that the server finally found my files and agreed to display them …

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Or probably your browser cache did.


Usually a simple way to bypass the browser’s cache is to test the website using an anonymous session.
Just open a “New incognito window” and test the site.

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P

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