Webpage offline?

Hey Guys,

i’m sorry for my bad english, because i’m a customer from germany.
I have a Problem with my Webpage. Yesterday i have uploaded all, it works.

Now today, i want to check my Webpage and i have some (Error).
It looks like:

I have uploaded all my files via FTP in the htdcos folder.
Whats the Problem? MySQL and FTP are online, my account is not deactivated.


I do not know what the problem was
but your site is currently working well for me https://image.ibb.co/fBmUhS/wdw.jpg

if you still see the same problem try clearing the browser cache

Hm, thats funny.
I have tried to clear the cache, didnt work. I use a other Browser, didnt work.

@JavierSouza said:
Hm, thats funny.
I have tried to clear the cache, didnt work. I use a other Browser, didnt work.

Working in Pakistan too!
Below is ScreenShots of javiersouza.epizy.com

hm, anyone have a idea?

@JavierSouza said:
hm, anyone have a idea?

Check your spelling double because it’s a CaSe SenSitive Server!
Try Clearing Cache!
Use another browers
Try using other DNS resolver like
Visit on Mobile if visited on Desktop and vice versa!

didnt work

are you did everything what mr. @Ranakhas said ?

what exactly mean does not work?
do you see a picture from your first post or something else?
browser error?
what developer tools F12 says ?

I do know what the problem was/is: https://infinityfree.net/support/why-doesnt-my-domain-work/

@JavierSouza said:
didnt work

I assumed the issue is on your site as on infinityfree 2 big domains are offered for subdomains

There is 2 more offered by infinityfree but less common while behind subdomains are offered by byet.org so to avoid NX Domain Finished Error every domain have a CNAME records of * points towards some promotional ads domain and every register domain have an A records pointing towards to an IP!
Means like your domain points toward
javiersouza.epizy.com >
While an invalid domain will points towards
*.epizy.com allies of 11776.BODIS.com
which means if an invalid domain like iufbwiyfeb.epizy.com will redirects you to 11776.BODIS.com thus this maybe your DNS resolver fault that your subdomains dosen’t resolve correctly thus I recommend you to use service by Cloudflare for DNS resolve
Above are the results tested on
Islamabad, Pakistan