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can anything be done regards to this on infinity free

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The GD extension is enabled on our hosting, with WebP support enabled. The other extensions aren’t available, and shell functions are disabled too. But you can create WebP images with GD, so you shouldn’t need the other extensions.

If that doesn’t help you (and I don’t expect that it will), can you please tell us more about what you’re trying to do and what trouble you’re running into?


I was using a plugin on wordpress to compress images and all together convert to webp but it gave some errors so checked its forum and found this para

Can you tell me on webp conversion what can i use

Can you please be specific? If you would like us to investigate something, we need a bit more specific information than “a WordPress plugin” that gives “some errors”. What plugin are you using, and what did it tell you?

Like I said:

As for which WordPress plugin works with GD and doesn’t need any of those other features, I don’t know. You could try some yourself.


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