Webmail services

Thank you for your kind support, it has been a great help for me to build my new webpage. I’m new here, and I really like the service. Very satisfied :smiley:

I want to ask one more thing, is it impossible for me to link the webmail service provided by C Panel?
I have few staff members on my site and want them to use the email address of my domain.
But if I just access without logging into C Panel,
it says “Please log into your control panel and click the webmail icon to access webmail, direct access to here is not allowed.”
I can’t give the staffs all my CPanel id, and it would be very inconvenient if they should log in twice.

With much appreciation,
user of your hosting.

Yes, it’s not possible to give out e-mail accounts to other people at this moment. To get that level of access, you’ll have to upgrade your account or use an external email service.