Webmail questions (newbie 😉)

Hi all,

More newbie questions from me :smiley:

I tried to login to the webmail from cPanel but none of the usernames and passwords I tried worked.

I think you are probably going to say I should use the credentials of one of the email accounts which I set up in cPanel… but I can’t set one up! The page says " Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported, please consider upgrading your account if this is required".

So, I can’t set up an email account which means I can’t use RoundCube webmail, is that correct?

One addtional point - I don’t really like putting passwords into forms on non-secure webpages and I’m sure I’m not alone - why is the webmail page HTTP, not HTTPS?

Helpful replies appreciated, thanks for helping me understand :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:

The email feature is currently disabled because of spam issues.

As long as this feature is disabled, you cannot use this.

Honestly HTTPS doesn’t always mean it is secure.
even some insecure sites have Ssl (which makes webpages secure.)
and some sites are secure but they don’t use HTTPS :slight_smile:

Though if that webpage was insecure, that wasn’t in cpane.l


Hi @anon19508339,
Thanks for your replies. So basically that whole section of cPanel is no use to me at moment, ok.

Yes, I get your point about SSL and secure. Does that mean that passwords put in that login form are sent encrypted, or are they plain text? Firefox tells me they’re not secure.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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