Webmail not working

I am trying to access my webmail but i get the error: database connection error or something like that

same to here


Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.

Same here.

It looks like there were some issues on the email server. It seems to be fine now.

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As of November 9th, I am having the same problem. Would you please check whether the problem is resolved?

Thanks a lot.

There was a brief outage again on the mail server. Everything seems to be working again now.

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Thanks a lot Admin for your swift reply. I am having a bit of an issue with sending and receiving email from my website (hosting is from InfinityFree basic). So I have installed and correctly configured ‘Contact Form 7’ in Wordpress. The ‘to’ is set to [email protected] and from is to [email protected]. Sending messages using the contact form of the website doesn’t work, but when I compose the email from INSIDE THE MAILBOX and send it from ‘[email protected]’ to [email protected], it works. It also is able to send email to other accounts from inside the mailbox.
The problem is only when I try to send it from Wordpress. Do you have any idea on how to solve this issue? Should I install WP Mail SMTP to solve this issue?
Thanks admin.

Please note that webmail and PHP mail are two different services, with different influencing factors and usually different causes of issues.

PHP mail on free hosting is heavily restricted. You can learn more about that here:


Actually, yes, that would solve the issue. But please note that we don’t offer an SMTP server for you to use. You can however use another email provider with SMTP, like Gmail, to send your messages instead.


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