Webmail error

webmail error

Could you please elaborate what really is the problem here? I mean don’t expect us to help you when we don’t even know what the problem is.

i can’t log in webmail… every time the page says an error.

So what was the error?
What did it say?
Any screenshots?

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


I’m sorry but I’m not sure tho.
It looks like this is still ongoing probably.

Also do you have any browser plugins installed? Or maybe you turned on Chrome Data Saver?

no extensions & data saver is off.

the grammarly extension exist in my browser

Okay, let me see.
Are cookies turned on?

Also it might be possible that the webmail is down and you could check back later.

i’m checking it for last 3 days. and yes the cookies are enable.

so how i can login to my mail account?

Wait for the webmail server to come up again.

We know the email system is unreliable now, which is why the topic @UnknownLolz posted is still pinned to the top. The servers are just unreliable, and no amount of browser extensions or settings can fix that.

How much time?

For however long it takes for the new email system to be done.

i can’t open my file manager.

Whats going on now another site is not available, everything seems to be down, from FTP to actual websites.

MonstaFTP not working
FileZilla Not Working
i can’t connect through the FTP it says Error! ftp connection failed

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