-webkit-mask-image not appearing only on Infinity Free server

So, I’m having an issue with safari on iOS/ MacOS Safari where the mask-image and all of it’s adjacent properties don’t seem to work on the aforementioned browser in the mobile view’s navigation. But they only do not work on InfinityFree web host.
Our website is: lossiefc.epizy.com/index.php

I know you’re thinking that this is more of a website development issue… but it can’t be, as I have made the design on a dummy server and am sure that it works there on mobile iOS and MacOS Safari.

Any ideas as to why?

Can you please clear your cache?

I have this issue before. aside from safari resource limit issue it could be caused by your CSS design for example if your image is placed within a button but the size of the button does not cover the entire size of the image (other browsers will display it right) safari will only display the part of the image that is covered by the size of the parent component.

Hi, thank you both for replying to me.

I do always clear my cache before I go worrying about my CSS not updating.

Also, is there a reason for it to not show up though when it works on my test server here


Your website seems ti be fine on all this Apple Safari emulator, try checking them out and compare them with your own Safari browser:

You may also want to use the Chrome F12 Developer Site Emulation for more emulator options.


CSS properties are executed by the browser, not the server. So there is no way the properties could work any different on another server, unless the servers serve different content.

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Well then, can you please tell me why it doesn’t load -WebKit-mask-image properties on the safari web browser only?

Hi UnknownLolz,

I know that those emulators probably work on your browser but that’s because they are being run by your browser, so any CSS properties are still being run by your browser, so it couldn’t possibly be the same as an actual safari browser.

Thank you for trying though. I am still looking into it. I have tried uploading on different web hosts and it works on there, it just will not work on safari when hosted by InfinityFree.

Yes for the browser but as far as I’m aware for that cross browser site emulator (mobiletest.me) has their own server that is using an Apple based client to execute your site in a Safari browser.

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Like I said:

So the only possible way this could be different is if the code is different, which is something you’re probably better equipped to check than anyone else here.

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I understand that and I made sure it is the same code. I even made sure that there were no spelling errors.

But the below images are the exact same files uploaded to the domains and it displays on my domain but not on the epizy one.

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