WebERP install

Website URL

Error Message

The site only comes up with the InfinityFree link at the top and some related searches underneath that.

Admin link has same results.

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new sites sometimes take a little time before they appear
also try clearing your browser cache and reloading the site

for me its working


Thanks for the quick reply!

I cleared my cache and tried another browser. Still getting this:

how long ago did you create the hosting ?

also you might need to flush your dns cache
the procedure varies depending on your operating system

heres a google search that might help


I flushed the dns cache, cleared browser cache again. Still getting the same page.

I created it about 45 minutes ago. But if you are seeing it, shouldnt it work for me as well?

Since it is a newly created account, it is most likely you’re experiencing a DNS caching issue. Flushing your DNS cache is one step you can take, some additional information and things you can try out are mentioned here:


I appreciate the help! The site is accessible now.

With a WebERP install do you need to change any permissions? I can login and move around. None of the reports work and i can’t add any items. It just goes to a blank screen and stays there.

When i import from the CSV file it is successful but when checking the stock status no items show up.

Website URL

Error Message


Other Information

I installed WebERP from the Softaculous installer and the site loads, i can log in, etc.

When adding items, vendors, customers, etc. it says they are added but they dont show afterwards. I can import from CSV but not add anything manually from the admin side.

And none of the reports will run. Trying to run them results in a ‘This page isnt working’ error.

An error like this means the website crashed, usually it’s a 500.

Enabling display_errors in your PHP Options may help to troubleshoot.

What I see is that WebERP is really an old piece of software and may not work with the latest PHP version.

Please don’t create multiple topics at the same time, just replying would bump it to the top.


Sorry for the double post.

Switched to trying Dolibarr (webERP alternative) and doing the install i get

But the folder is there:

The second part of the message is the reason: the directory exists, but PHP is not allowed to write into it. More specifically, PHP is not allowed to access it at all.

The reason for this is that PHP on our hosting can only read the htdocs directory of the website it runs on. So the documents folder must be placed in the htdocs directory of your site, and your site must be configured to use that new path.


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