Web Site Retrive

How can I retrieve files of my suspended Website?

What were you suspended for? Check your client area.

I do not know. They said it will open in 24 hours. 24 hours passed and they closed my site. Even though I didn’t do anything

What type of suspension?

Things that free hosting can’t do.

I am asking for the type of suspension, not some other. Click in your client area, example:

  • Overloading Server
  • Abuse

As a result of the high server load

So is it permanent or temporary?


I guess they didn’t help. Even though I said I could lighten the load

Can you please take a screenshot from the client area for your account?


Are you in a suspension loop?

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unfortunately i didn’t do anything like that

Click on “manage” of the suspended account.
What does it show?


Your account was permanently suspended. Please use that ticket you opened to explain everything, no one here is going to be able to help you.

I also cropped the image you shared so your email is no longer visible.



I already know it’s permanent. How do I get my site files? If you look at the question, you will understand, my friend. When Support Ticket does not respond

Again, we cannot help you here. You should also have a backup of your website’s files so you don’t have to request one. You will only be provided a backup if your files are not in violation of the TOS.


If your website is in serious violation of TOS, you will not get back your files. None of us can help you.


Can Support Ticket answer now?