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Please what is the name of my Site’s (hosted on infinity free: www.onlinedailyblog.com) web server and the version.

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All websites use nginx here. There is no information on the exact version though.


All websites run on a combination of Nginx and Apache.

Why do you want to know? Are you just curious or do you need the answers to set something up?

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Answers to set something up on Let’s encrypt

If you want to use Let’s Encrypt, you should really try to SSL Certificates tool in the client area. That section will guide you through the verification, issuance and installations steps required to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate on your website hosted with us.

Web server software and Let’s Encrypt are not intrinsically related, but I can imagine two reasons why you would need to know the web server for SSL:

  • You want to run some automated SSL installation tool (like certbot) which hooks into the web server.
  • You want to know the format of the SSL certificate needed for the server.

For the first question, note that you need system administrative access to be able to access the web server configuration files. If you have your own server, this is no problem, but you don’t get this level of access with a web hosting service. You’re always forced to use the control panel provided by your hosting provider for the SSL installation, regardless of what web server software they use.

For the second question, you should make sure that you get a standalone certificate (no CA chain) in PEM format. If your SSL vendor has the option of “Apache 2.2” format, that will work.

But note that you’ll probably run into problems when trying to verify the domain name with Let’s Encrypt. We implemented a workaround in our panel for this, so you should really consider using our SSL panel.


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