Web server is returning an unknown error

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

my web : lizoumappercs.ga

Error Message

Other Information

some times appear it !

@Admin You are the one you can solve this problem !

Try cleaning your browsers cache (it’s working for me)

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I believe already solved here I try, I can't fix Error's Cloud flare - #52 by MAHOfficial


what is solution of bad gateway

i fix many redirect 520 … etc

Do not use full mode just use flexible mode from CLOUDFLARE SSL/TLS


there some say use Flexible
another say use Full

i use Flexible

Use flexible cause you don’t have an origin certificate on your domain or from infinityfree server. Full mode will only work if you do have one.

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always use Flexible

Yes senpai! You’re doing great!

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but problem still appear
how to check that server is online and running …

look photo HTTP/1.1 403 client error

You need to make sure your website is pointing to only your server’s IP, which can be found on the hosting account page of your Client Area, and not other IPs.


i wanna solve it

i don’t understand you

When is the sometimes? Do you get it with certain actions or randomly with any page? Or with certain times of day?

Looking at your screenshots, are you getting this issue only when trying to install a theme?


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