Web I can not edit. Infinityfree host

Admin; www.anahealings.rf.gd is hosted in infinityfree
When i upload the plugings it said something of the disc
“”“”““The package can not be installed””“”"
When i try to update WordPress cause is a new version it saids
'“”“”“”“The checksum of… (… )
Does not match the expected checksum of value. “””“”“”

When I try to upload some picture it said
“”“”“Failed to write file to disk”“”

I need edit my pages : I can not. The changes doesn’t not save.

Please can help me ASAP!!!?
Thanks so much
If you need some extra information or enter to my website

Please don’t create multiple topics about the same problem. It will just derail the discussion by spreading the posts on multiple topics. The fact that people don’t respond within 5 minutes does not mean they’re actively ignoring you.

Let’s keep this discussion centralized here: https://forum.infinityfree.com/discussion/2861/i-can-not-edit-upload-my-web