Web are keep getting redirect or 404 not found

My username: epiz_32095197

The problem websites are:


Problem 1: Getting redirect

This problem happens on write.w6cd.ml, when I open the website, sometimes it works, but more often, it shows blue dots and ‘Page loading in a few seconds’. (See the picture)

But I wait so long, it always redirect me to a new website (the link starts with [ww01.w6cd.ml)and load again. So that was not like my website because I use wordpress and it has no loading page.

Problem 2: 404 Not Found (Not branded)

I found that write.w6cd.ml has problems, so I copy the website (use softaculous) to w6cd.ml.
Yeah it works, but only for a few hours. After some hours, it has the 404 Not Found problem. (Cannot upload one more picture due to the limitation of new user for uploading pictures on the forum. )
The 404 page was like:


We couldn’t find that page.

Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly.

This webserver is CaSe SenSiTiVe so ensure capital letters in the URL match the files uploaded.


My both sites are having problems, and their files are totally same. They both get SSL.
My both sites:

  • Has a running-well SSL.
  • The w6cd.ml nameservers are pointed to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com and never changes.
  • They both works for a few hours, but later on they are down.
  • They are created for 48 hours already.
    And I:
  • Had used different dns servers like Cloudflare DNS, Google Public DNS, Open DNS, Aliyun DNS and so on.
  • Had flushed dns by typing ipconfig -flushdns for over 200 times!
  • Tried to visit the sites by different devices and browsers but got the same problem.
  • Did not use VPN, proxy or anything that might make internet weird.

Therefore, I wondered what happened to my sites and how can I fix them up. Please someone help me, I would really appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Grassie It seems like we have the same issue, but for mine it works then it stops then it backs. On some isps my website is either redirecting or presenting greatsite .net.

Here’s my forum thread: Unstable Website - #5

Can you try using TOR if it works in other countries?

Your website is working fine for me.


I have asked my friends in different countries to visit the sites, but they do not work neither.

Would it be possible for me to see your screenshot?

I have read this. But NOW, my website is already created for over 3 days. It should work.

The issue seems the same as the one from this other topic.


Yes, that issue is the same as mine. So I wonder if there is a way to fix this problem?


The only thing you could try is to remove the domain from your account and add it back, then hope the system updates it correctly.


Yes, the site works in your side.
But I wonder that will I lost my files if I re-add the domain?

I’m sure there is. But that’s up to us, not you.

Like I said, the people who can fix this have been informed. Please be patient until this is fixed.

Removing the domain only unlinks the domain from the account. Your files and databases will not be touched.


Great. Thank you for the solution and spending time on my issue. :slight_smile:

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Could you please tell me which DNS provider are you using? It seems fast. :slight_smile:

I recommend Cloudflare dns (available in China – Mainland): and

Or Google DNS (unavailable in China): and


Part of it is my DNS provider has not encountered your domain yet, so it has to fetch the correct IP.

Link to learn more


That helps so much! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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