We’re the two best friends 2

New friends

hey @Ergastolator1 you really ought to calm down. I flagged you for starting an ad hominem attack against me. This is TOXIC behaviour on your side and violates the written rules. if you have any issues with me posting emoji :thinking::triumph::triumph::zipper_mouth_face: it is your problem exclusively , so do not bother anyone about it. next time you make outlandish claims like above you better provide evidence instead of making unsubstantiated claims OK.

If you’re arguing over trivial matters, then you’re not making the best use of your time and energy :slight_smile:

you are both guilty !
it’s not okay to delete the post and then flag reply to your post as offtopic
I also do not think that is about hominem attack …but just as a suggestion.

It is always best to leave the job to moderators and not to enter into direct unnecessary discussions


that guy seems to be in the habit of flagging the very first post of new members. that gives you a proper first impression about the folks who hang out here. :eye::woman_red_haired::policewoman::male_detective::guardsman::man_pilot::woman_factory_worker::santa:

Let’s not generalize

I understand both of you…
Ergastolator1 is ambitious and probably wants to become staff so sometimes he takes this role in his sentences…

I believe he didn’t want anything bad but sometimes his words are misinterpreted as too authoritative.
(you pointed that out to him and I believe that in the future he will be more temperer)

On the other hand…that hurt you and you had to react

eventually everything turned into a war with flags

If you two can’t become friends and start over… on new foundations…
and continue with the same public quarrees
and at the same time you (both) are wasting my time because I have to run and hunt you at all places in the forum,
although you (both) have been asked several times via PM to control your self (do not put oil on fire),
even though you’re both warned in posts by admin…

We will have nothing left but repressive measures
and I really don’t feel the pleasure of being the bad cop who beats up people

That is why we are trying to communicate with you (both) and hoping that a healthy sense will prevail

Both of you are smart and it would be a too bad to do something stupid now and force us to terminate your acc.

I am soooo gentle and soft-hearted but the admin is stone cold bloodthirsty beast who will make voodoo dolls with your names and sticking so many needles that it will look like a hedgehog on stereoids.
His threshold of tolerance is so small and if you want to measure it you need to think and applies the same law as for the Schrodinger cat.

When he walks down the street womens in panic collect children and close themselves into houses…
and soon everything becomes empty and only some tumbleweeds rolling…

Enter here at your own risk


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