Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead on firefox

Firefox says this message:

Please help me!
I am using infinityfree free ssl

No issue on my firefox

hmmm… Probably it’s a problem from my end…

Did a Chinese company acquired firefox? be aware if there is a chinese language version there is a backdoor. even though it may not known by many people, thats why I dont use firefox anymore

I live in California in USA, and Firefox (at least for now) isn’t by a chinese company

The thing that attracts my attention is the part that says:

If you are on a corporate network or using anti-virus software, you can reach out to the support teams for assistance.

This makes me suspect that something on your computer (a network restriction, malware blocker, parental control system, etc.) is preventing you from accessing that site.

Did you try following the recommendation on the page and contact your network administrator and/or anti-virus company?

I’m the network admin, and I’m using a personal wifi network
And I have McAfee security firewall

lol, parental controls? no way… even if i had it, I would find ways to disable it :smiley:

Did you consider that McAfee may be restricting your network access in this case? That’s what Firefox seems to imply.


@KangJL is not chinese, the bookmarks are on his language which is not chinese, so dont confuse

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Off topic wise, bookmark is indeed in both English and Chinese(simplified).
English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the official languages where I came from…does it matter?

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Totally off topic…It doesn’t matter. I just thought firefox is acquired by Chinese company since I downloaded a Chinese version , don’t know why, that’s why I have that question.

Hmm… Lemme check
Thanks for helping me out!

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