Want to Up-grade to premium Plan with InfinityFree

Hi Admin,
If i check in my cpanel i have found my Inodes Used 63% increase every day, i need unlimited using cause i set up for e-commerce store require much and more up-load file and picture. i received message from iFastnet that i need to up-grade to premium plan. but seem they are not infinityFree. i don’t want to move my domain, page anything from your webhost. so what plan should i up-grad with infinity, please introduce.

Unfortunately, the file system with unlimited inodes has yet to be invented. Even paid hosting will have inode limits because there is a hard limit to the amount of inodes that can be stored on any single server.

InfinityFree, as the name suggests, is a completely free hosting service. All accounts on the InfinityFree system are completely free. We do not charge you and then give you a larger plan on free hosting infrastructure. Our premium hosting is not just the same hosting with a higher, it actually comes with a lot of additional features. But to offer those premium features, we need to move your website to premium servers.

iFastNet sponsors our infrastructure which is why you get advertising messages from them. However, we don’t own iFastNet ourselves. We provide premium hosting on XVHOST.com. But in either case, your website will have to be moved away from InfinityFree to upgrade.