Want To Reduce Inodes

I am unable to clear inodes after many tireds. Also I am unable to delete flies & folders from File Manager. That’s why I have created complete backup from my File Manager. Now please do login my cpanel & try to delete everything from my File Manager on my request to reduce inodes. Then I will restore everything again. My FTP username: fceu_17551485


Please delete files either through the provided online ftp or through a ftp client. Once you have done this wait upto 12 hours for your reduced inodes to be detected by the InfinityFree (iFastNet) servers. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Let me know if you need any further support or troubleshooting.
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By the way, to have an admin do this you would most likely be required to submit a ticket for security reasons to reduce the chances of account hijacking.

When I try to delete all files through ftp client OR manually, always shows this error: “Unable to delete”. I want to submit ticket so that admin can login my cpanel & solve this problem. How will I submit ticket? Kindly provide me link please.


By the way, the admin is only able to access what you can in your account since it’s VistaPanel NOT WHM running the account management. InfinityFree or yourself will most likely need to send a ticket to the sever manager if the issue occurs for longer than 24 hours. However, please try deleting your files from inside the htdocs folder, you can’t delete the htdocs folder itself. If you have tried this see if you can remove individual files from your account rather than folders and bulk removal. This is the first time we have known of such an issue therefore we are having to use our general knowledge and calculations to support us in trouble shooting. Please provide a screenshot if possible of this error by clicking the paperclip icon on the forum post creator. Also, if you would like me to personally investigate this issue, before the admin is available, you may change your password to a random string (RANDOM.ORG - String Generator) and provide me with your login details through the built-in messaging system provided by the forum. Once I have either finished troubleshooting or resolving the issue I will alert you and you may then change your password back to the one you chose upon signup. If you somehow forget it contact http://iFastNet.com and they will provide the password for you since the datacentre stores the password as plain text for use in issues like this and iFastNet happens to own the server of which InfinityFree operates from.

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Folders which are linked to domains names are protected so they cannot be deleted. Deleting the contents of htdocs folders should be fine though. Note that it can some time for the inode counter to update.

Yes, as I stated.

@Kleran sir, Private message has been sent to you with cPanel login details. Also I am informing to you that I am unable to send e-mail to gmail,yahoo etc related domain.

@Admin sir, Before deleting domain related folder, I have deleted main domain & all sub-domains & all e-mail accounts. Yet unable to delete. Also I am informing to you that htdocs folders contents unable to delete due to error.