Want to increase my execution time limit

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Exection time

(hey i want to increase my excution time limit from to tak complete my website backup from duplicator its give an error PHP Max Execution Time: ‘60’
Timeouts may occur for larger packages when [max_execution_time] time in the php.ini is too low. A value of 0 (recommended) indicates that PHP has no time limits. An attempt is made to override this value if the server allows it. please increase my max execution time limit i want to take my website complete backup from duplicator i try to increase it from php_ config & htaccess but its not working please increase it then i took backup of my website )

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The PHP execution time limit cannot be increased on free hosting. The ability to customize those limits is a feature that’s only available on premium hosting.

We also recommend against using backup and migration plugins. The backup process itself generates very high server usage which frequently cause account suspensions (notably IO suspensions). And due to the limits set on free hosting, restoring these backups generally doesn’t complete successfully, leaving you with a backup you can’t use.

So how do you move your website instead? Simple: by following the procedure recommended both by us and by WordPress.


i also try to open it on local host its not open
same like you say
please increase execution time

Hello. Please don’t use backup plugins, but migrate your website using manual backups over FTP and PHPMyAdmin. You don’t need increased execution time in order to do this.


i also try this that not working facing this issue

This page isn’t working

Your .com domain is working fine for me. What URL are you experiencing the issue with?


no its work proper at infinity free and this backup also not working on local host

are you sure your backup was imported correctly?
Are you exporting a backup from infinityfree?


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